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Edison as a puppy Edison as an adult

(Edison as a puppy and now - see photo link, below, for ADDITIONAL IMAGES)

Edison is a skilled dog actor available for film, TV, and print advertising productions.  When you need an animal performer with star quality, he is A-list.  Edison was born October 21, 2007.  His Dam, Chick, is a tenacious, working, pure-bred Australian Cattle Dog.  His Sire, Butch, is a dog's dog, and does ranch work along with Chick in rural California.  Edison, however, has been raised in urban / suburban West Los Angeles, California and has a natural ability to master any social situation.  He has that "certain something" that brings a smile and feeling of connection to people of all ages from excited young children to the most jaded of senior citizens.  People stop and just have to meet him.

Edison is a dog who enjoys performing for the camera and is not distracted by bright lights, photoflashes, loud equipment, or vehicles.  He is "at home" and charming whether in his own neighborhood, in nature, at a party with hundreds of guests, or even at a noisy dance club!

Edison is a fast learner, and his current command behaviors (by verbal and sign cues) include:

As is common in the Australian CattleDog / Queensland Heeler lineage, Edison can produce a wide range of vocalizations, including a sort of talking, in addition to different barks and whines, on cue. He moves his mouth and lips in a way that looks like a person talking, and it is easy to supply human voice-over to match it. He can also talk in a way that sounds like Chewbacca the Wookiee from Star Wars.

In addition to his fine attention to detail, Edison is extremely and unusually athletic.  In herding mode, he can overtake any dog at the dog park and keep up with whippets and greyhounds.  He can climb a tree trunk to about 8 feet.  He can easily spring / jump up to kiss the nose of a 6-foot (2 meter) tall actor, eye-to-eye.  He has a natural talent for balance and can walk along the top of a fence or on a two-by-four.  His unique appearance and distinctive markings make branding your production straightforward.

Whether you need a cuddly sweetheart or an action-adventure star, Edison is ready for your production.

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